Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Trick or Treat

Did you know that the word Halloween is first thought to have been used as far back as the early 16th century and is thought to represent a Scottish enterpretation of the full title – All-Hallows-Even which itself represent the day before All Hallows’ Day otherwise known as All Saints Day. However the words All Hallows’ was found in Old English.

Halloween celebrated every year on the October 31 all around the world, and the most common ways of celebrating this day is by children going out Trick or Treating and the adults having fun fancy dress parties.

Cheeky Little Devil
Whilst Halloween is a day and evening originally meant for remembering all our Saints it is traditionally remembered and celebrated as a time of ghosts and witches as well as Pumpkin Lanterns and scary films.

Halloween Fact!

Did you know that the carving of pumpkins (otherwise known as Jack-o-lanterns) on Halloween was infact originally turnips! It was originally Scotland and Ireland that used to carve turnips in to lanterns as a symbol of remembering the souls that had been purified or temporarly punished so that they had been made ready for heaven.

It was Americans during the mid to late 19th century who used pumpkins to carve in to lanterns as they were much easier to cut through and they also grew much larger than the traditional turnip.

Wicked Witch of the West

Halloween themes and colours such as purples and greens, witches and ghosts  have developed throughout the centuries and more so over the past 50-100 years. It is now known as a fun time rather than the serious nature it once was about.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Stockings & Garters for the Finishing Touch!

As with most things in life 'the devil is in the detail' as they say and your wedding ensemble should be no different. Even though you may have been a step ahead of most and sorted your bridal underwear out in time for your final dress fitting, don't forget those essential accessories to finish off your wedding day lingerie.
There's still lots of choice when it comes to the hosiery for the big day and a few little useful tips to consider, so whether your preference is toward lace top bridal hold ups, wedding stockings with matching suspender or even a pair of back seamed fishnet bridal stockings, here's a few of our favourites;
Wedding Bell Stockings

White Lace Top Wedding Stockings
Wedding Bell Bridal Stockings

Fishnet Thigh High Hold Ups

Bridal Lace Top Fishnet Hold Ups
White Lace Top Bridal Fishnet Hold Ups
Sheer Thigh Highs with Backseam
Sheer Thigh High Hold Ups with Backseam
White Sheer Thigh High Bridal Hold Ups
Now if you've reaaly pushed the boat out on your bridal lingerie then these luxurious 2 tone silky hold ups will be the perfect finishing touch. They're rather unusual in the way that they are tan in colour and yet still have a beautiful white lace top band to give that exquisite bridal feel.
Luxury Bridal Stockings

Luxury Two Tone Bridal Hold Ups
Luxurious Silky Two Tone Bridal Hold Ups
For those brides who simply can't get on with stockings and a suspender belt and also aren't too keen on hold ups then a garterbelt and pantyhose all in one maybe the answer.

Garter Belt & Pantyhose

Wedding Garterbelt and pantyhose
Wedding Garterbelt & Stockings All in One
No bride is complete without her leg garter for the special day, after all it's always a good 'something blue' to keep with the 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' tradition.....
Something Blue Garter

Something Blue Wedding Garter
Something Blue Wedding Garter
Blue Ribbon Garter
Bridal Garter & Accessories
Blue Ribbon Wedding Garter
Do make sure you have your wedding lingerie & accessories in plenty of time and do get them out of the packaging to check there's no holes, nicks or faults with them. Last but not least, it's a good idea to have a spare pair of bridal stockings or hold ups, even just a cheaper pair in case of any unwanted nicks or ladders on the day, and you can always leave one of your bridesmaids in charge of them!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Get the Perfect Wedding Day Figure from Bridal Shapewear

It's quite surprising to see over the past year or so that there's an increasing number of brides choosing to wear some form of bridal shapewear beneath the wedding dress, as their choice of bridal underwear, to help get that perfect figure for the wedding photos. Modern shapewear designs cleverly use different materials and panelling to provide varying shaping effects to specific body areas. The more common shaping areas include the waistline, hips, tummy, thighs and bum. Bear in mind also that bridal body shapewear can be a very subtle style of shaping to achieve a nicely contoured silhouette to your figure for the big day. I've included some of our more popular bridal shapewear solutions, each shaping specific areas in their own particular way.

Pin Thin Bodywrap
Bridal Underwear - Shapewear
Pin Thin Bodywrap Shapewear
This pin thin bodywrap has the unusual feature of including a thong design within it, it's a very stylish and elegantly finished high waist bodywrap. It's ideal for providing maximum shape around the hips and waist line, and would suit many column or mermaid style dress styles.

Catwalk Bodywrap

Bridal Body Shaper - Bridal Lingerie
Catwalk Bridal Bodyshaper
The catwalk bridal bodyshaper provides excellent shaping around the hips and waist line but also gives excellent support and shape around the derriere and tops of the legs. Perfect for many styles of wedding gown especially closer fitting gowns where a smoothed figure outline is desired. It's a very comfortable style of shaper and does a marvellous job of shaping the figure.

Strapless Bridal Bodysuit

Strapless Bridal Underwear Bodysuit
An excellent bodysuit perfect for bridal underwear on the big day, its moulded cups and bodysuit design is ideal for an all upper body shaping effect and gives great support. Although it's shown with straps it can be worn with multi way straps or as strapless for many off the shoulder gown designs. In white or ivory it will compliment many gown colours and styles.

Although your bridal shapewear is going to help give you that perfect figure and that amazing feeling of self confidence that goes with it, it's true to say it may not create that magic first impression you're looking for on your wedding night with your newlywed! If you do opt for a shapewear option for your wedding day lingerie, then it may be worth considering a nice white babydoll, a charmeuse wedding gown or some more sexy underwear to change into after all the celebrations and put the perfect ending to your special day.

Just Married Chemise

Just Married Wedding Night Chemise
Lace Front Babydoll

Lace Front Babydoll - Honeymoon Lingerie

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bridal Lingerie for the Plus Size Bride

For far too long there's been a limited choice of nice looking plus size wedding lingerie for cup sizes say above a DD or a waist size much above a 16. At the point of starting Moonrise Lingerie it was always an important of my business plan to provide a good choice of quality and sexy lingerie available for bigger busted brides. Being an F or a G cup depending on bra style, this was one of the main reasons of Moonrise Lingerie coming to fruition. Since starting the business I'm pleased to say we offer a good selection of beautiful plus size wedding underwear designed for the bride in mind to give support and comfort throughout the wedding day. Many of the styles include low backs, deep decollettes, seamless and strapless designs to suit many styles of wedding gown.

I've chosen a few personal favourites for this post, I hope you enjoy them, and for those brides to be out there, maybe it'll give you some more of an idea of what's available on the market....

Satin Bow Bustier

Satin Bow Wedding Bustier 
Plus Size Wedding Lingerie - Satin Bow Bustier

If you’re not feeling the need for the full body support and waist cinching effects you get from a traditional wedding corset, then a bustier is a nice compromise. The satin bow bustier is both beautiful and exquisite in every way. The lightly padded underwiring gives medium support to emphasise and wonderfully define your figure whilst the lace overlay and ruffled lace hemline makes for a stylish looking outfit. The satin bow is a great all rounder as its perfect for both the wedding day and also that special first wedding night. Available up to UK24 sizes and complete the look with a matching thong, bridal stocking or hold ups and you’ll create a jaw dropping reaction that won’t be forgotten.

Miette Corset
Larger Cup Sized - The Milette Wedding Corset
Traditionally a corset was used to train the hips and waist areas of ladies in order to reduce the size of the waist by up to 2 inches and by wearing the modern day corset you can obtain a more hourglass shaped effect to your outline. This Miette wedding corset has some absolutely stunning embroidery detail finished off with a ribbon bow and tiny diamante brooch on the centre panel of the bust and one the strap. It comes in a subtle cream colour and sizes now go up to a 38C to accommodate larger cup sizes.
Juliette Corset
Beautiful Juliette Lace Corset
This Juliet Lace corset although less of the traditional styling it does have some exquisite lace detailing. It gives a nice medium level of support with its underwiring and light boning. Wonderfully romantic with its delicately laced edged finishing and light lace up ribbon tie featuring on both the corset and the matching thong. Available in the more traditional bridal white and with detatchable suspender straps it’s a fantastic choice for brides looking to enjoy a spring/ summer wedding.

Madonna Bridal Bra Set
Madonna 3 piece Bridal Bra Set

This Madonna Bridal Bra set is a gorgeous little set with a beautiful balconette bra, perfect to provide uplift to the bust, and we are pleased to say also goes up to a 38C cup size. The cups are decorated with delicate lace embroidery and beautifully adorned with Swarowski crystals to add that special sparkle for the day. Shown with straps, they are detachable giving you a fabulous strapless bra, so if you're a bride with an eye for detail and want your bridal underwear with a hint of elegance about it, then maybe the Madonna Set is the one for you?
The Glow Bra Lingerie Set
The Glow Balcony Bra Set
This Glow bra is well suited for the Mermaid or Column style bridal gown, a very elegant dress type that would need a smooth style and shaped bra. Glow is a fabulous balcony bra, beautifully decorated with Swarovski crystals. The ¾ profiled cups provide perfect uplift and help support the weight of the breast, better allowing the dress to stay in a comfortable position throughout the day, giving comfort and confidence. Available in ivory, it is a very stylish option with detachable straps and removable push up pads for more flexibility. Now with cup sizes up into DD, E and F and backsizes up to 38 it's becoming more popular with todays modern brides. Combined with the matching thong and a pair of ivory bridal lace top hold ups, it would finish off your wedding underwear with a look of chic sophistication!
Hopefully this has given some good ideas for any plus size brides out there who are finding it a bit of a struggle to find some nice bridal underwear for their big day. We'd love to hear any of your thoughts or opinions, just leave us a comment. x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bridal Underwear with Strapless Support

One of the most important things for the bride, if not THE most important is of course the wedding gown. Now if your perfect dress happens to be an 'off the shoulder' style and you're like many women who feel a tad uncomfortable and exposed without any support for your bust then this post is for you!

The options for your bridal underwear will lead you to a strapless bra, bustier or indeed corset which is pretty much a given, but which is best? In the past strapless options have been a little uncomfortable but designs have changed and this has lead to there being many strapless options available. This avenue is a little more trickier for the bride with a large bust size as the straps on underwear are used to transfer some of the weight to the rear to ease the effects on the lower back and improve posture.

Fortunately there are now ample solutions on the market for brides looking for a strapless solution for their bridal underwear including some excellent choices in plus size lingerie categories, with many still retaining that look and feel of elegance to leave the bride feeling nothing short of fabulous. Here are some of our favourites;

Floral Tapestry Corset

Strapless Wedding Corset
Strapless Wedding Corset

The Floral Tapestry Corset is hugely popular and is clear why. It’s made from a stylish jacquard material and finished with an absolutely gorgeously detailed Venice trim. Fastening at the front with a standard hook and eye fastening, whilst at the rear there is a double tie waist cinching lace up ribbon allowing for greater flexibility in fitting to suit personal taste, giving a wonderfully defined waistline. Strapless in its design and offering excellent support, along with removable and adjustable garters gives you the option of bridal stockings or hold ups. Available in plus size lingerie options with a matching thong a great all rounder and very popular.
Madonna Bridal Bra

Madonna Strapless Bra

The Madonna Bridal Bra set is a gorgeous little set with a beautiful balconette bra, perfect to provide uplift to the bust. The cups are decorated with delicate lace embroidery and beautifully adorned with Swarowski crystals to add that special sparkle for the day. Shown with straps, they are detachable giving you a fabulous strapless bra, and the look is completed wonderfully with the matching thong and suspender belt.

Madonna Bridal Lingerie Set
Jonquil Strapless Bridal Bra

Jonquil Strapless Bridal Bra
Jonquil Balconette Bra

This Jonquil Bridal bra set complete with matching thong and suspender belt is truly beautiful with its gorgeous detailing and decoration. The bra itself is a fabulous balconette style with delicately decorated cup edges with foliage embroidery and finished with Swarovski Crystals to add that bit of sparkle. It’s a great supporting bra with the boning in the wings and a silicone strap beneath the bust to provide a wonderful uplifting shape. The straps are removable if the gown style requires it, available in ivory, it’s a great complete lingerie set for the wedding day.

Jonquil Bridal Bra Set

Seamless Elegant Bustier
This seamless bustier is beautifully designed with the close figure hugging styles of wedding gown in mind, the last thing you want your guests to see is the underwiring, boning and beautiful lace detailing of your underwear! So with close fitting gowns with thinner material, seamless lingerie is the way to go, you can always change into some more sexy lingerie for the wedding night itself to create the right mood.
Seamless Strapless Bustier
Elegant Strapless Bustier
This bustier has moulded cups which provide a great level of support for the bust and with sizes going up to 44D it’s a great plus size lingerie option too. The material is very soft and also surprisingly forgiving for the support it provides, a great, comfortable choice.
The Crystal Basque

Bridal Underwear - The Crystal Basque
Crystal Strapless Basque
Crystal is an absolutely gorgeous basque featuring pretty embroidery detail in the front panelling. The satin ribbons add to the elegance and beauty of the design and it's beautifully fininshed with Swarovski crystals to add that little extra sparkle. Although shown with straps the cups have underwiring for support and the light boning in the body provides for a fabulous waist slimming effect to give a fantastically shaped silhouette figure.A stunning design.

Monday, 14 May 2012

How You Know When It’s Time To Hire A Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is something that most brides see as a luxury item that they can’t afford. The truth is, a wedding planner can be extremely cost effective and can often save you money on other suppliers.

Most brides will hire a wedding planner if they don’t have the time to plan it themselves. It is said that you should dedicate 12 hours a week to planning your wedding including all of the research, supplier meetings and organisation. However, a lot of couples try to save as much money as possible and can often see a wedding planner as an added expense that they don’t need.

The question you need to ask yourself is when do you know that you need to hire a wedding planner?
·         If your wedding is only a few weeks away and you haven’t finished everything or if you still need to find a great supplier at last minutes notice who won’t charge you the earth. You can call a wedding planner in at the last minute just to help with one thing, for some last minute support, or if an emergency happens.
·         When you are so stressed out that you are losing sleep over the planning. Planning your wedding should not be a stressful time. It sounds clichĂ©, but this should be one of the happiest times of your lives. Your wedding is only one day, but your marriage is forever. Sure you want everything to look great and go smoothly, but this is also how you should feel. If you happen to be at a time in your life where it is unrealistic for you and your fiancĂ© to plan your wedding and reception alone then don’t hesitate to call in for help.
·         If you have been engaged for months and still haven’t booked anything. This probably means that you don’t have the time to do it all. The question to ask yourself here is do you want to book a date and find you don’t have time to prepare for it? That’s when you should call in a planner to do all of the running around for you.
·         If you know that you are not organised and think that you will forget things or don’t know where to start with the planning then a wedding planner is a great idea for you.
·         If you are getting married somewhere where you don’t live, or somewhere a little unique, such as a barn or marquee, then a wedding planner will be a great help to you. They’ll know lots of local contacts and be there on the day to make sure that everything runs perfectly.
Weddings by Rachel work with couples to save them as much money as possible, organising and negotiating discounts and suggesting ways to work aspects of the dream wedding into your budget.
We also work with couples on the day to make sure that everything runs smoothly and the bridal party have nothing to worry about on the day except for the wedding itself. It can be difficult to involve family and friends into the planning and on the day coordination because they won’t know how to act if something goes wrong. Wedding planners will be prepared for every eventuality to ensure your perfect day runs just that way...perfectly.

Weddings by Rachel offer free, no obligation consultations, so if you feel that you may fall into one of the options above, give us a call and let us come and talk to you to see if we can help.
Thanks to 'Weddings by Rachel' for sharing some things to think about when you're planning for your big day. It was only a few years I was planning for my own wedding and there were certainly times when a bit of help from someone in the know would have been really great! Visit to read more about what they can do for you.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Kick Back on Honeymoon.....

The planning and preparations are all finished and the wedding day was truly amazing and enjoyed by everyone. Now it's time for you and your newlywed to kick back and enjoy some quality time together out of the spot light and get married life off to a wonderful start on your honeymoon. We all like to treat ourselves to new clothes when we go on holiday, so why not treat the both of you to some new sexy lingerie for those first few nights as a married couple?
There's a great deal of choice available nowadays, both on the high street and online, so with it being special for the honeymoon whatever you choose, you want it to be sexy, eye catching and comfortable. Babydolls and chemises are great as they are light, airy and flowing and there's something for everyone's taste. Here's a few favourites that have caught our eye this season.

Tuxedo Babydoll Bliss
Tuxedo Babydoll Bliss
This Tuxedo Charmeuse babydoll is a brilliant outfit for the honeymoon or even the wedding night if you so choose, it has slightly padded underwired cups and a beautiful waist slimming bow tie at the front. Its available in ivory, pink and violet with adjustable shoulder straps and a hook and eye closure at the back. The ivory keeps the fresh newly married feel to any honeymoon night of passion and it's not too revealing for the more conservative among us.

Mesh Babydoll Mayhem
Mesh Babydoll Honeymoon Lingerie
If you're honeymooning somewhere hot and want to raise the temperature that little bit more, then this dot net babydoll is sure to do just that and cause mayhem in the bedroom! It's a fabulously revealing number with softly padded underwired cups for a little support, finished with a little lace trim across the top of the cup. It has a stretch mesh back, adjustable straps and a naughty bow at the front, available in plus size lingerie as well as black and violet, a perfect addition that shouldn't take up much of that valuable suitcase space.

Chiffon Bow Cheekyness
Chiffon Bow Babydoll

Now for something to tease the imagination, this beautifully pleated babydoll is a gorgeous little number to end any night with or whilst enjoying a quiet nightcap before diming the lights! The cups are wonderfully layered and finished with pretty pink bows, slightly see through for the temptress side of you and thigh length to add to its sultry flowing effect. A good choice for everyone as it goes up to the plus sizes for the larger breasted brides out there, and it can be finished off with a lovely pair of lace top hold ups to complete the look.

Bombshell Bustier
Bombshell Bustier
You're sure to create the perfect first night impression in this bombshell bustier outfit, it's enough to drop jaws, catch eyes and take away breaths! Available in plush pink or champagne white satin with a beautiful lace overlay, the see through dot mesh panelling is just enough to get the imagination working. It's wonderfully supportive with lightly padded underwired cups and a built in waist support strap makes this bustier right for its name........bombshell!

Lace Floral Chemise
Floral Lace Chemise
Finishing off our selection is this fabulous lace floral chemise in ivory, again to keep the marital feel alive, it's fantastically finished with rows of black lace ruffles on the back and continues around the bottom. It has padded push up underwired moulded cups and a hook and eye back closure. Finished off with some matching lace top stockings it creates a wonderfully fresh holiday feel to any honeymooners night!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Frills & Lace for the Wedding Night!

First impressions count, we all know that, and your first wedding night as a married couple is no exception. Modern brides these days are turning more and more to bridal body shapewear for achieving that perfectly sculpted silhouette look for her wedding day, and why not? So when it comes to the wedding night, something a little more eye-catching is called for. After all you don’t want to slip out of your beautiful wedding gown to reveal your hip hugging, thigh toning shapewear. It had a job to do beneath the dress, and that was to make you look jaw dropping for your guests, well all the guest have gone home so it’s time to look eye popping for your newly wed!

Wedding Night Bustier
If you want to scream sexy and project passion on your wedding night then this lace wedding night bustier is just the thing, it’s proven extremely popular this year already. Imagine popping off to get out of your dress and freshen up and returning to present your new other half in this stunningly beautiful lace bustier, what a first impression? Made from delicately soft satin material and finished wonderfully with a ruffle lace hem, it’s sure to get a reaction, and one to be remembered.
Wedding Night Bustier
Available in plus size lingerie sizes it’s a great all rounder, with a matching thong included, it’s a divine choice. Finish the outfit off with white thigh high stockings and maybe your garter to end the day and start the night.
Just Married!
If corsets just aren’t your thing, then don’t despair a fabulous flowing chemise might be your answer. This new addition ‘Just Married’ chemise is fun and funky wedding night lingerie complete with a padded “Just Married/ Do Not Disturb” heart shaped door hanger complete with gold trim! Made from stretch mesh and charmeuse satin this halter chemise with its ruffle lace hem is perfect to kick back and start married life! Complete with its own matching thong and available in plus size wedding lingerie, again, a very popular choice.

Just Married Chemise
A Hint of Pink

If you’re a girl who is after something a little more subtle with just a dash of pink then the Princess Chemise is an excellent bridal night look for you. Also new to this years collection, made from stretch mesh and spandex to allow some stretch, the princess seam shirring and ruffle hem is very comfortable and should lightly accentuate your contours to show off that hard earned wedding figure. Again it comes complete with matching thong, add some lace top bridal stockings to finish off the look.
Princess Chemise
Ruffles & Lace

This ruffle lace babydoll is ideal for all those women who really love their lingerie with lace and frills, a great little number for the honeymoon or wedding night. The stretch lace front panel is a shapely fit and the triple ruffle hem is a beautiful touch, it’s fastened at the rear with a single tie, complete with matching thong it’s a wonderfully simple but extremely effective look. White lace top hold ups would  complement the lace and finish the outfit. Available in plus size lingerie it’s proving to be  a popular wedding lingerie buy, perfect for figures of all shapes and sizes.

Ruffle Lace Bridal Babydoll
Charmeuse Feather Gown
Our final offering of inspiration for your wedding night lingerie, although not strictly frills or lace, it’s almost worthy of a class of its own. If you’re a fur lover and like the feathery softness against your skin then you’ll adore this charmeuse and ostrich feather long dressing gown. It’s beautifully fitted at the waist and the plunging neckline is trimmed in ostrich feathers along with the cuffs, a plus size option is also available and is a great accessory to wrap the surprise beneath!

Charmeuse & Feather Gown
Remember, whatever you chose for your wedding night lingerie, make sure it does you and your figure justice to create the right first impression and more importantly invokes the reaction you’re after! Have fun and our best wishes for your big day, and night!

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Friday, 9 March 2012

Get the Perfect Shape from your Wedding Lingerie

Every bride wants the perfect shape for their wedding day and their wedding photos. Choosing the right style of wedding underwear to go under the wedding gown can help shape the waist and hips or even help to get that seamless silhouette for those wedding snaps.
Pin Thin - High Waist Thong

New to the market in white and ivory, especially for the bride to be, bodywrap have extended their shapewear line. A particular favourite is the pin thin bodywrap, a simple high waist thong, proving very popular, helps to shape the waist and tummy. It's great for the low cut dress style where bust support isn't needed but just gives that finished toned effect and constant contoured bodyline.
Strapless Pin Up Bodyshaper

Providing a little more support and toning from the bust line to the hips is the strapless pin up with moulded cups, also available in white and ivory. The moulded cups giving a little added support to the bust if needed and the strapless option lends itself to many modern dress designs, whilst the front panel gives tummy control smoothing and flattening, (always a favourite!), and eliminating any unwanted bulging.
Catwalk Bridal Shaper

Extending the shape control even further is the Catwalk Bodywrap. A fantastic high waist long leg panty, again comes in both white and ivory. Ending at the upper thighs the slenderising effects extend from beneath the bust line along the outside leg and over the hips to eliminate any slight bumps under the dress, especially useful if it's designed to be tight fitting.
If shapewear proves to be your wedding lingerie of choice for the big day, you might want to think of something a little more sexier for the wedding night itself. Getting out of your wedding dress to reveal your shapewear might not be the impression you want to give on your first night as a married couple, after all first impressions count!
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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Welcome !

Hello and welcome one and all to our new blog from Moonrise Lingerie, if it's bridal, goes beneath the dress with a bit of sauciness then you'll find it here. We're a wedding blog dedicated to our passion of wedding lingerie, keeping you up to date with what's new and hopefully giving you some useful tips and ideas when it comes to choosing your bridal underwear for the big day. Maybe even more importantly for some of you, the first wedding night..!
Floral Tapestry Corset
Butterfly Bridal Bra Set

So from bra's to basques and shapewear to petticoats at some point throughtout our journey we'll be talking about them. Feel free to comment, we'd love to hear from you. Meanwhile enjoy.