Saturday, 18 May 2013

Womens Briefs, G-Strings & Other Things!

Sexy Womens Briefs & Thongs
Our sister online lingerie store Moonrise at Midnight boosts a growing sexy underwear collection from satin corsets, lace babydolls & confidence boosting push up bras. We thought we'd take the opportunity to showcase some of our latest arrivals in womens knickers from women's briefs, sexy boyshorts, thongs and other suggestions to add some spice to your love life!

Women's Briefs & Shorts

Foxi Mini Brief
If you're the type of woman who is simply not a fan of thongs or g-strings and the like, then you shouldn't be constrained by your normal everyday cotton briefs or knickers. More importantly maybe your outfit just won't be suited to thong underwear, fear not, your knickers need still not be dull!

Elia White Briefs - Virtually no VPL!

Floe Lace White Knickers
There's a whole host of mini briefs, midi briefs, maxi briefs and even women's briefs designed that have virtually no dreaded VPL, (visual panty line), that can often show through when your wearing a light summer dress or tighter fitting pair of shorts.

Women's G-Strings
Maracca High Waist G-String
I've always said that g-strings are an acquired taste, you either love 'em or you hate 'em! Not like most of the male population who just love them full stop. For most women who prefer the g- string they'll already know how versatile they can be, going with many different outfit styles from jeans, trouser suits and skirts, short or long as well as many types of occasions from everyday work, dinner dates and special events.

Sartarella Thick Waistband G-String
Although they are good at generally avoiding the VPL, if you choose the wrong size, i.e. too small, the waistband is likely to dig in to your hips, hitch can be quite obvious. There's plenty of choice when it comes to choosing women's g-strings and it's really down to personal preference.

Women's Thongs
Rueda Polka Dot Lace Thong

Although very similar in style and design to g-strings and quite often mistaken between the two, a thong will have more material going from the front to the rear, giving a little more comfort to some, and less chance of chafing. Maybe a consideration in summer months or when going on holiday?
Malaguena Women's Thong

Again, there are many styles to choose from, but with thongs generally having a slightly wider waistband, there's more chance of it showing through your clothes, especially a cotton skirt or trousers or a an elasticated dress.

Crotchless Thongs & Open Front Briefs

Often immediately dismissed by most women, crotchless thongs & open front briefs can be thought of as uncomfortable and slightly too risqué for them. After all, who would wear such a thing and why?

Pink Crotchless V Thong
Pink Lace Crotchless V Thong

Leopard Print Crotchless Thong
Leopard Print Skirted Crotchless Thong
You'd probably be surprised, and if tried, amazed. They're often bought by couples who are in long standing relationships looking to add some fun and excitement to their love life. Even though they can be worn like a normal thong or brief, you can add spice to your foreplay whether in the bedroom or elsewhere.
Plus Size Satin Crotchless Thong
Plus Size Satin Crotchless Thong
Crotchless underwear is readily available in plus size lingerie categories as well, you can choose to hide and tease, tantalise and please and after all men wear crotchless underwear, so why shouldn't women?