Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wedding Lingerie for The Brides Big Day.

The Wedding Day for most brides is one of the most important days of her life and it's understandable that she wants to look picture perfect for her friends & family, as well as the wedding photographs that'll be looked upon in years to come. With the perfect wedding gown you need the perfect bridal underwear to go beneath. It's important to think of your wedding day lingerie as the foundation that's going to give you support, keep you comfortable & of course bring you beautiful shape to show off your gorgeous gown. So what are the options?

Bridal Corsets

View more Images of this 'Christina' Strapless Wedding Corset

Many brides opt for a wedding corset when it comes to their bridal underwear for the wedding day. Corsets are great for providing support and have wonderful waist cinching properties to pull you in at the waist to give your outline more definition. This helps bring about that shapely hourglass silhouette to your figure. It is important that you wear the right size of corset, so it's definitely worth getting some sizing advice before you buy, it's not like popping down the high street and getting another bra for everyday wear!

Find out more on our Low Back Bridal Corsets

There are lots and lots of different bridal corsets that are available, and many are designed specifically to be worn beneath the wedding gown, so off the shoulder dresses will call for a strapless wedding corset and some modern gown need a low back wedding corset. It's important the your bridal lingerie stays well hidden out of view, we think of it being the unsung hero of your big day, it does so much for you, and only a few people actually see it. Get it right when you're shopping for your underwear and the results are amazing, the last thing you need on your day is an underwire digging in your side, or having to keep pulling your underwear back in place!

 Wedding Basques & Bridal Bustiers

Some styles of wedding gown aren't really well suited for a bridal corset, either because of the boning or even the outline isn't compatible. A wedding basque or bridal bustier is another great option that can bring some great support to the bust, especially for larger busted brides. They tend to have less boning in them and don't tend to pull you in as much or indeed as far down your body as a corset will.

See the 'Isabella' Bridal Basque in more detail.

As with corsets a basque can be a good strapless bridal underwear option and as you can see from the Isabella wedding basque above, it has well defined cups with underwiring for support, and tends to be a very popular plus size bridal lingerie solution.

Get 'Maximum Cleavage' - The Padded Push Up Wedding Bustier
A wedding bustier will tend to stop above the hips and sometimes well above, but are good for giving support for the breasts. The padded push up bustier shown above is a real favourite with our brides who are looking to accentuate their cleavage a little bit more on the big day.

Wedding Bras

See the delicate details of the 'Rokoko' Balconette Wedding Bra

As you can imagine their are a host of bridal bras out there, and again, many of them designed to be worn beneath the wedding gown on the wedding day. Remember that your wedding day is one of those special days in your life, so take some time and think about what you want from yor wedding bra. Does it need to be a strapless bra, have low profile cups to stay beneath the dress line, or have a deep plunge? Will you need a balconette bra, a push up bra, a full cup bra for the support for large cup sizes? Have a little think about the amount and depth of lace and embroidery detailing on your wedding day lingerie, if your have a dress with thin satin or silk type material then you don't want any fancy detailing to show through!

Add some Swarovski sparkle with 'The Madonna' Bridal Bra 

One final piece of advice that we always try and leave our brides to be with; is not to leave buying your bridal underwear until the very last minute! Make sure you have your lingerie sorted a couple of weeks before your final dress fitting, this allows you plenty of time to deal with any sizing issues etc.

If you have any question about your bridal lingerie then please get in touch with us here at Moonrise at Midnight Lingerie by e-mail you can even send us a picture of your wedding dress and we'll even help you find your perfect bridal underwear for your big day. It's what we do, so why not let us help you?