Friday, 10 October 2014

Change Your Spots with Leopard Print Lingerie & Accessories!

Animal print lingerie has been in and out fashion over the years and I'm not sure whether I'm that keen on full on pink zebra print knickers, but rather prefer the more subtle approach to animal print. I think it gives a more classy look when it comes to sexy lingerie when there's just a hint of leopard print. So when I saw one of our fellow #womaninbiz tweeters, @BagsofFavours post this leopard print bangle....
Leopard print bangle

......I immediately thought it would make a gorgeous accessory with this lovely leopard print babydoll. I admit that not everyone can pull leopard print off, nor is it everyone's cup of tea, but I think if you're not over the top with it that you can get a nice classy look.
Leopard Print Babydoll with Flyaway Detail

Leopard Print Bangle available from currently priced at £13.99 from Bags of Favours Fashion Boutique.

Leopard Print Babydoll is available from Moonrise at Midnight at currently priced at £41.99, with a 10% discount if you quote LPARD at the checkout.