Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Measuring for a Wedding Corset.

Choosing your wedding corset can be a difficult thing to do. There are so many things to consider... not only the style and colour, but the shape, the material as well as the fit.
First and foremost you have to feel comfortable on your big day, so you do not want to be squashed into a corset then have your wedding dress on top of that!
You may have had very little or even no breakfast in the morning and your body shape will be slightly slimmer and not bloated, but think of when you have your meal and then your first dance...so COMFORT is key!

The measurements you require are as follows:-

-          The Fullest part of your bust (so go right around your back and bring the tape measure together at your front going over your nipples).
Floral Lace Corset - Low back design with gorgeous lace detailing
          The next measurement you will need is the Under Bust area, otherwise known as the girth, (again go right around your back and this time  lift your breasts up and bring the tape measure together under and to one side of your body so that you can read the measurement).

Floral Tapestry Strapless Corset - Beautiful jacquard material, strapless and venice trim.
 This will now allow us to find a corset to fit your bust area perfectly. We will now need to find your waist and hip size.

The measurements you require for this are:-

         Your Waist (your waist is the area at the side of your body that curves in before coming out again for your hips. Another way to find this is to look for your last rib. Once you have found the bottom of your rib cage, wrap the tape measure round the back of you again and bring together at the size to read your measurements).

Low back floral wedding corset - Shiny chopper bar lace & detachale straps
          Last but not least your Hip measurements (you can find this by feeling where your hips are then measure right around them).

Miette cream wedding corset - stunning embroidery with light boning
  Now that you have all the correct measurement you are able to purchase the correct size corset for your big day.

  All of our sales staff at Moonrise Lingerie have been professionally trained in fitting and sizing, so if you're not sure or just need some advice then feel free to call on 01501 470734.