Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sexy Lingerie Still Tops the Christmas List For Her

It's no secret when it comes to Christmas gifts for her that sexy lingerie is still one of the top most popular presents when buying for a loved one. You would think that if it was that popular then it would be easy for our other halves to get it right!

Sexy Lingerie is still a favourite at Christmas

Sexy lingerie Christmas Gift
Click here to see 'Pretty in Pink Babydoll'

In my past experience it's been mildly beneficial to drop a few subtle hints, for example, when you're dragging him round the shops around Christmas time, dropping the odd comment like; "that's nice" or "I like that" before moving on with the bustling crowds. That in itself often isn't enough as you're still not guaranteed the right size when he eventually goes on his Christmas shopping trip!

Get the Right Size for Your Lingerie Gift.

Sexy lingerie gifts for her, Lace Chemise
 Take a gamble with this 'Red Lace Chemise'

When it comes to buying the right size for a lingerie gift, a fella needs to go prepared with the right bra size, dress size or waist size. I've always found it a safe bet to just let him know before hand, it saves you having to go back to the shop and exchanging your sexy nightwear or even worse they don't have your size in stock at the moment!

Sexy Nighties & Nightdresses are a Safe Lingerie Gift Option

Mirabelle satin chemise at Moonrise at Midnight
Sleep sound in this 'Mirabelle Satin Chemise & Nightgown'

A nice satin chemise, either on it's own, or combined with a matching nightgown is a generally a popular choice, there easy to size up and if you've been together for a while, then your fella should have a pretty good idea of your tastes and style by now! It's also the sort of sexy lingerie gift that you're fairly safe opening in front of the family, other than a lace sexy thong or g-string that may cause a bit of embarrassment on Christmas morning.

Satin Chemises & Lace Babydolls for the Bedroom

Purple lingerie boudoir chemise
 Look stunning in this 'Boudoir Satin Chemise'

A satin chemise or lace babydoll is another very good choice when buying sexy underwear gifts for her at Christmas. Easy to size, unless they have underwired cups that probably need a bra size to help in getting the right one. There's a great range in this area to choose from and babydolls are great for plus size figures, they tend to enhance the bust and cleavage yet subtly drawing attention away from the tummy, waist and hips, for those of us who aren't comfortable showing them off!
plus size babydoll lingerie
 Show off your curves in Plus size style

Sexy Thongs & Briefs

Great stocking fillers, easy to size up and quite easy to find the right size if he does a bit of snooping. After all if he gets this size wrong he's in for a rocky time on Christmas Day! It's generally wise to stick to the style you normally wear, rather than go off the beaten track and opt for a low rise g-string if you normally wear thongs or even a brief from day to day.
shimmy sexy thong
Feel sensuous in this 'Shimmy Thong'

sexy briefs lingerie
Look dazzling in these 'Sexy Briefs'

Moonrise at Midnight Lingerie has a great selection of sexy lingerie and womens underwear perfect for Christmas gifts for her. So if you see a sexy chemise or a lace luxury bra set that you like, then point your other half to Don't forget to give him some help on your size! Merry Christmas!