Friday, 13 September 2013

Dark Nights & Lace Lingerie!

Lace lingerie and underwear is considered very sensuous by most, it's light, pretty, flowing and yet very suggestive by being lightly revealing in some designs. It's a personal favourite, I find it very feminine and usually associate it with special occasions, such as dinner dates, nights out and for adding a touch of romance into the mix.

I always associate lace underwear with weddings and honeymoon lingerie, especially white lace underwear brings with it its' own sense of innocence and purity traditionally connected with wedding lingerie. Lace chemises are very popular for honeymoon lingerie as they are great at showing off the figure as well as the tan!
For the more adventurous ladies who wish to accentuate their figures and show off their curvy hips and midriff then a lace teddy, especially in black is one of the ultimates in sexy lingerie items for the top drawer! Although not thought of as the most practical of ladies underwear to be wearing out, the teddy is great fun for the bedroom and go just perfectly beneath a long nightgown at the end of an evening.
If it's extra shape and definition that you're looking for without the expense of a heavy boned corset then a bustier will bring support to your breasts while at the same time adding some shape and definition to your waistline.

The beauty with a lace bustier is that it goes well with dresses and blouses and bring added confidence with the support it gives to your figure. Do be wary about wearing a lace bustier beneath light chiffon dresses as the lace can easily show through, not too bad if it's a lace overlay. It's amazing how much more confident a bustier can make you feel.

Finally, the addition of lace to a bra set can easily put it into your favourites drawer, the downside being that you wear it all the time! Why shouldn't you? If you like how it looks and the way it makes you feel about yourself then why be constrained by plain, non-patterned bras that just hold and support?
Eleganza Lace Bra Set

Don't forget when you're getting a new bra to get measured or measure yourself to see if your size has changed. I often find it better to work with my own measurements in inches as bras from different manufacturers even though maybe a 34B might measure slightly differently.
Mon Amour Lace Bra

I know what I'm about to say sounds like a bit of a sales pitch, but I'm not the only woman who does this when they absolutely fall in love with a bra set, I buy a second pair of briefs or thong to go with it. It never feels quite right when your underwear doesn't match, especially if you're not the only one who'll be seeing it!

The addition of a pair of black lace hold ups can often add that extra bit of heat to your lingerie ensemble, and if you can find them to match your new sexy lace bra set then you're sure to create the right impression!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thrills lace and romance for the wedding night.

It is becoming increasingly more common for brides to choose their bridal lingerie to look perfect for their wedding day, and why shouldn't they. You may well ask. To achieve this fabulous look brides are turning to bridal shapewear to achieve maximum toning and slimming effect in specific areas. Although shapewear has evolved quite recently they, often lack the romantic feel from more traditional lace and embroidered wedding lingerie.


You might see some absolutely gorgeous lingerie that you feel would be perfect for your wedding night underwear, However may not complements your gown style. There is no reason why you cant change for your first wedding, In fact many brides do get wedding underwear for the day and something else for the night.

Chemises are great for the night, They're comfortable and depending on what you choose can be revealing,  They can emphasise your figure if you wish and are just great to relax in.

Whatever you choose can also be worn for your honeymoon lingerie to keep that just married feeling alive.

At the end of a wedding day, and after all of the celebrating, dancing and photographs is climbing out of your wedding gown and into in nice flowing bridal babydoll, this can be the perfect way to relax for your wedding night with your newlywed.  We think babydolls are so versatile they can be see-through, revealing, Lacey, classy, elegant or to create the mood you are after.

The other thing in their favour is they can be suited to brides with larger breast sizes and for those who fall into the plus size category.  Flowing babydolls with ruffled hemlines help remove a feeling of self consciousness leading to a more relaxing and sensual mood for the evening.


You can have lots of fun combinations with babydolls as well with so many in white and ivories to make great bridal babydolls to suit that just married feeling. They also go well with your wedding stockings, hold-ups or bridal garter from your wedding day too!

Wedding nightgowns.

Although the wedding night itself carries with it some hype and expectation, quite often after a long day of celebration, as newlyweds you may well be exhausted and simply look forward to some quiet, quality time together.

There's ample wedding nightgowns that are just great for relaxing and unwinding in after a fun and memorable day.


Bridal stockings, hold-ups and wedding garters.
It's quite easy to spend so much time and effort  in finding your perfect wedding gown and bridal lingerie to lose sight of your accessories such as your hosiery and wedding garter. If you're not used to wearing stockings with a  suspender belt or indeed hold-ups then don't make your wedding day the first time to try them out!

Of course you may already have suspendered straps as part of your wedding lingerie if you've opted for a wedding corset or bridal basque.  So if you prefer bridal stockings that's great, just decide on your chosen style whether to have deep lace at the top, back seamed, fishnet or indeed patterned.

It goes without saying to match the colour of your stockings up to that of your dress, be it cream,  ivory for white wedding stockings. Of course not every bride wears a white or ivory wedding dress, so you may wish to opt for a two tone of bi-colour set of wedding stockings.

Wedding hold-ups can be great if you're not a suspenders person and you don't want to the bare legged on the day. It is worth considering if you've got a column on mermaid dress style, whether hold-ups may cause rubbing at the top of your legs especially if they have a wide silicone band.


We always recommend that all our brides carry a spare pair of stockings or hold-ups just in case of any ladders or clicks even just a cheap pair if you gone for a more deluxe  and luxurious first pair.

Wedding Garters
The wedding garter has been a traditional part of the blushing brides wedding lingerie. There are several traditions associated with the bridal Garter, whether the bride wears two garters having one for a 'garter toss',  or the groom has to remove the garter in front of guests, the garter can be a great keepsake of your day.

Don't forget that the garter can also be used as your something blue if you're keeping with the something old, something new tradition. Don't be afraid to drop hints to your bridesmaids you have a garter in mind, they make a nice gift on the wedding day itself!

Moonrise Lingerie are specialists in bridal lingerie and accessories for brides on their wedding day and night.  Every bride who buys their wedding petticoat from August and September receive a £10 gift vouture to spend on their wedding lingerie.