Monday, 14 May 2012

How You Know When It’s Time To Hire A Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is something that most brides see as a luxury item that they can’t afford. The truth is, a wedding planner can be extremely cost effective and can often save you money on other suppliers.

Most brides will hire a wedding planner if they don’t have the time to plan it themselves. It is said that you should dedicate 12 hours a week to planning your wedding including all of the research, supplier meetings and organisation. However, a lot of couples try to save as much money as possible and can often see a wedding planner as an added expense that they don’t need.

The question you need to ask yourself is when do you know that you need to hire a wedding planner?
·         If your wedding is only a few weeks away and you haven’t finished everything or if you still need to find a great supplier at last minutes notice who won’t charge you the earth. You can call a wedding planner in at the last minute just to help with one thing, for some last minute support, or if an emergency happens.
·         When you are so stressed out that you are losing sleep over the planning. Planning your wedding should not be a stressful time. It sounds clichĂ©, but this should be one of the happiest times of your lives. Your wedding is only one day, but your marriage is forever. Sure you want everything to look great and go smoothly, but this is also how you should feel. If you happen to be at a time in your life where it is unrealistic for you and your fiancĂ© to plan your wedding and reception alone then don’t hesitate to call in for help.
·         If you have been engaged for months and still haven’t booked anything. This probably means that you don’t have the time to do it all. The question to ask yourself here is do you want to book a date and find you don’t have time to prepare for it? That’s when you should call in a planner to do all of the running around for you.
·         If you know that you are not organised and think that you will forget things or don’t know where to start with the planning then a wedding planner is a great idea for you.
·         If you are getting married somewhere where you don’t live, or somewhere a little unique, such as a barn or marquee, then a wedding planner will be a great help to you. They’ll know lots of local contacts and be there on the day to make sure that everything runs perfectly.
Weddings by Rachel work with couples to save them as much money as possible, organising and negotiating discounts and suggesting ways to work aspects of the dream wedding into your budget.
We also work with couples on the day to make sure that everything runs smoothly and the bridal party have nothing to worry about on the day except for the wedding itself. It can be difficult to involve family and friends into the planning and on the day coordination because they won’t know how to act if something goes wrong. Wedding planners will be prepared for every eventuality to ensure your perfect day runs just that way...perfectly.

Weddings by Rachel offer free, no obligation consultations, so if you feel that you may fall into one of the options above, give us a call and let us come and talk to you to see if we can help.
Thanks to 'Weddings by Rachel' for sharing some things to think about when you're planning for your big day. It was only a few years I was planning for my own wedding and there were certainly times when a bit of help from someone in the know would have been really great! Visit to read more about what they can do for you.