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A Guys Guide to buying the Perfect Valentines Lingerie

Its that time of year again guys...The dreaded Valentine's Day, where you want to treat your partner to something a bit special but have no idea what she wants or would like!

Well, you are in luck! We are here to help... with some amazing hints and tips, you will be sure to get it right this year.

Firstly there are the traditional Chocolates - Women love chocolate! Other than the Christmas advent calender and Easter, it is the only time women can eat chocolate without thinking of their diets. 

Secondly there are Flowers - Women love to get flowers, it makes them feel special and shows them that you care.

Finally there is LINGERIE - Lingerie is a tricky one but if you get it right then you will definitely be in her good books... if you know what I mean.

To help you along, here are a few suggestions and pointers on how to win those vital brownie points:-

*What size is your partner?
Yes, you've guessed must go and check through the dreaded top draw to find her correct size.
If you are looking to buy a bra set you will need both her bra size including the cup size (which is the letter after the number, ie;36C) and also her brief / thong size. The brief / thong size could be either Small, Medium, Large and so on, or it could be UK8, UK10, UK12 ect. 
I would advise you check a few different ones to make sure you haven't picked up an old one that she just hasn't thrown away yet.

If you are choosing a Babydoll, Basque, Bustier, Chemise or Corset then the size will normally be her dress size of which you will find on many of her clothes. Again I would advise that you check more than one item to make sure you have the correct size (check something that you know she wears a lot). I would also say to check both tops and bottom to get a better idea of the type of lingerie would best flatter her. 

For instance if your partner is pear shaped (bigger on top than bottom) then you require something that will even her shape and flatter her, rather than something that will fit on top and be too tight on the bottom half of her... this will just make her feel uncomfortable.

Babydolls are great for pear shaped figures as most of them are fitted around the bust area then flow down her body and whisp out around the bottom, making her look and feel sexy.

Here are a few examples...
If your partner it tall and slim then there are many types of lingerie that would be a suitable choice... 

There is the traditional Bra Set this always goes down well, but look at purchasing a set that your partner could also wear again as it will inspire confidence when she wears it and the set will also make her feel as special as she does on Valentines day more often through out the next few months...always a plus!
Next there is a simple Thong. There are many out there with stunning detail like the one below, this will help promote a sexy seductive feel and it shows her that you have thought about her and not just bought any old lingerie in the hope if will suffice.

Gorgeous Willow Thong, just great for a Valentine's Gift

 Finally, you have very sexy... If your partner likes wearing extremely sexy lingerie on a regular basis, how about a Teddy? not only is this make her feel sexy but it shows that you notice what she wears and that you have taken the time to look for the perfect Valentines Gift for her...everyone's a winner.
Beautiful & Seductive 'Victoria' Teddy with rhinestone heart!
If your partner is curvier and smaller them the are still plenty of options to choose from...Many of the above are available in plus size as there is no reason why a curvier lady should not wear pretty sexy lingerie! Other options are Bustiers and Corsets as these help to shape your ladies natural figure.

The stunningly sumptuous 'Savannah' Satin Corset
 Babydolls & Chemises

Elegant lace babydoll with matching thong

Sexy Jasmine Brief with runching & front satin bow
Hold Ups
'Georgia' Red & Black Hold Ups - Perfect finishing touch for Valentines Day
My final piece of advice would be to keep an open mind when choosing the colour of lingerie. Women like a wide variety of colours so don't just stick to red... look at others such as pinks & blacks and when you are in that dreaded top draw looking at sizes, keep an eye open on the colours that she already has in there and also if you know her favorite colour then use that to your advantage too!

Happy Shopping!

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