Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pearl & Lace Lingerie to Invoke Suggestion!

Sexy lingerie from Moonrise at Midnight
There are just some instances when you're buying sexy underwear & lingerie that it's worth remembering that it's about the idea of invoking suggestion, depending on the occasion of course! That's not to say sexy lingerie shouldn't make you look and feel absolutely fabulous about yourself, of course it should, but you can also get a lot of fun out of it. So I've put together a little mix & match combo, that's a bit on the naughty side, but should create that wonderful idea of suggestion!
Pearl Thong & Bra Set
This pearl thong & bra set is the perfect guilty pleasure, not only is it beautiful in its minimalistic design with strings of pearls & black lace banding but it can be enjoyed by both! It's a lovely sexy little number that can be enjoyed in the bedroom but can be a great teaser if you're brave enough to wear it out and let your partner know about it! It's sure to get the imagination working....
Pearl Thong from Moonrise at Midnight Lingerie
Lace V Crotchless Thong
The idea of wearing a pearl thong maybe isn't everyones cup of tea, but if you're still wanting to be a bit adventurous, I'm putting this lace v crotchless thong into the mix. It's proven to be our most popular crotchless thongs this year so far. Open briefs or crotchless thongs can be great fun, especially for teasing and stimulating the idea of suggestion between the pair of you.

Lace V Crotchless Thong from Moonrise at Midnight
See this 'Lace V Crotchless Thong' in Passion Pink!
I've added this thong because of its lovely black and white lace detailing that will work very well with the chemise beneath, as well as its popularity on Moonrise at Midnight.
We have a lovely little featurette of some of our crotchless thongs and underwear from Moonrise at Midnight on Youtube.
Black Lace Chemise
The final piece of the puzzle to this little guilty pleasure suggestion is this black lace chemise made with versatile stretch lace. It's just a perfect finish to either the pearl thong and bra set or the lace crotchless thong. Black lingerie seems to always suggests seduction & sexy, and adding a bit of see through underwear like this lace chemise turns the heat up just a little bit more!

Black lace chemise from Moonrise at Midnight Lingerie
Click here 'Black Lace Chemise' to see it in Red.

Moonrise at Midnight lingerie offer sexy womens underwear for special occasions to make you feel fabulous and look even better! Choose from cami sets to corsets or balconette bras to bustiers to give yourself or someone special a treat.






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