Sunday, 28 December 2014

Kelly Reeves Photography

 Kelly Reeves Photography
Hi there! I’m Kelly, I run my photography business Kelly Reeves Photography, based in West London. I am a professional photographer specialising in candid portrait photography. I have been a photographer for many years however 'Kelly Reeves Photography’ is only just approaching its first birthday! How quickly time flies! Capturing people in various settings is what I absolutely love to do, shooting mostly portraits and at events.
I find people fascinating. From tiny newborn bubba’s through to a high powered businessman, each person I meet has a different story to tell. Through my lens I love to encapsulate this.
My inspiration is my natural love of people and personalities. Getting to know my clients and engaging with them enables me to truly create natural relaxed images. Nobody wants an image with a fake toothy grin or tense awkward posture! I love to discover and connect with my subject, then create an image that shows who that person really is. Shooting candidly I find I obtain my best images. My clients love a relaxed vibe, that is just it, my sessions are a fun, calm and carefree experience either out on location or within my studio. Whether it is children at play, on location modelling shoot or buzzing event each is an amazing opportunity for me to produce some creative work. 
Events and parties are a fantastic way for me to capture lots of people, lots of faces in a fun filled environment - just perfect! If you are looking for a portrait photographer to shoot unique stunning images, organising a party or event and want the essence captured with passion then Kelly Reeves Photography is for you! 

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