Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Nookie Wedge - Perfect Stocking Filler this Christmas!

Since running a couple of lingerie websites and getting more and more involved in social media, I have to confess I've become somewhat of a twitterholic. This can be both good & bad, but what I stumbled across the other day has got to be one of the funniest things I've seen in a while for the bedroom! It's not sordid or smutty but a stroke of pure genius I think. The Nookie Wedge!

You heard me right, The Nookie Wedge! For all parents, students, flat mates or anyone who shares a home with others, The Nookie Wedge sits perfectly behind the door and it comes packaged in a lovely velvet drawstring bag with a little bell on to hang on the outside of the door. It's not fool proof or as ugly looking as a lock, but it's just enough to let you and your other half relax and get up to a little naughtiness behind closed doors. As a parent I think it's a great early warning system against the pitter patter of tiny feet across the landing!

At only £12.99, currently on offer at £9.99 I think it makes a great little stocking filler gift this Christmas. Or even better, would be a secret Santa present for the office, just enough to make your recipient blush without embarrassment!

You can order The Nookie Wedge online at, or follow Nina on twitter at

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